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Bouncy Tension Bands for Desks (Blue)

Bouncy Tension Bands for Desks (Blue)

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Our Tactile-exploratory Tension Band for Elementary/Middle/High School Kids by Bouncyband activate sensory benefits, perfect for students of all ages.

  • Reduces Anxiety
  • Improves Focus and Productivity
  • Gives Comfort

Tension Bands benefit children's sensory development by allowing fidgety students to move quietly, relieving anxiety, hyperactivity, and boredom. They help all students, including those with ADD, ADHD, autism, and sensory needs, to stay on task longer, providing an extra 35 minutes of focused work daily. Teachers appreciate the bands' quietness, not distracting others, while students enjoy the freedom to wiggle and remain comfortable at their desks. Easy installation and the band's adaptability to different desk sizes make it a practical and effective tool. 

Product details:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Dimensions (LxWxH): ‎9.75 x 4.25 x 3.25 inches
  • Item Weight: 15.2 ounces
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