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Chewy Jewelry Sensory Necklaces and Bracelets (Pack of 16)

Chewy Jewelry Sensory Necklaces and Bracelets (Pack of 16)

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Our Tactile-exploratory Chewy Necklace for Calming Sensory Benefits perfect for Individuals of all Ages and Sensory Spaces!

  • Relieves Stress and Anxiety
  • Improves Focus
  • Encourages Creative and Imaginative Play

The Chewing Necklace and Bracelet Bundle offers young children struggling with stress, anxiety, and focus issues a soothing outlet. Made of soft, flexible, food-grade silicone, they provide comfort during biting, chewing, and active play. These wearable accessories promote calmness, focus, and control over emotions, making kids feel at ease in various settings. With a large, interactive bulk pack featuring 8 necklaces and 8 bracelets, children have multiple options for daily use, enhancing their sensory development in a bright and colorful way.

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