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Construction Cubes (3 Shapes and 6 Colors)

Construction Cubes (3 Shapes and 6 Colors)

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Our Tactile-Exploratory FunPlay Construction Cubes ignite creativity, providing Tactile Benefits for Preschoolers and beyond!


  • Encourages Focused Attention Skill
  • Creates Learning Station
  • Enhances Fine Motor Skill

Spark creativity and cognitive growth with this dynamic early learning set. Designed to foster sensory development, it engages visual perception, counting, sorting, and sequencing. The kit includes diverse components like linking cubes, rods, triangles, and quadrants, enhancing fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Children explore patterning, addition, subtraction, numeracy, and more through engaging math activities. Their creativity thrives as they construct animals, buildings, and their own designs. This high-quality set, featuring 68 blocks, 20 rods, and a Messy Tray, is an invaluable tool for developing focus, logical thinking, and problem-solving in young minds.

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