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Hole Tarp for Teamwork Exercises (Blue and Yellow)

Hole Tarp for Teamwork Exercises (Blue and Yellow)

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Our Visually-Stimulating Hole Tarp for Tactile-Exploratory Fun perfect for Early Childhood individuals and Sensory Rooms!

  • Encourage Students to Touch, Feel and Maneuver
  • Promotes Teamwork and Cooperation
  • Enhances Communication Skills
  • Fosters Problem-Solving Abilities

The team-building exercise with the tarpaulin and colored balls enhances children's sensory development by promoting tactile exploration. The cooperative game fosters communication skills as students work together to navigate the balls, encouraging problem-solving and reflection. It accommodates various ages, making it a versatile activity for up to 25 students.

Product details:

  • Material: Polyester
  • Item Dimensions (LxW): 85 x 57 inches, 98 x 71 inches
  • Package Weight: 0.34 Kilograms
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