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Just My Style® Braid-Tastic Braiding and Beading Workstation

Just My Style® Braid-Tastic Braiding and Beading Workstation

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Create elaborate bracelets with the Just My Style Braid-tastic Braiding & Beading Workstation! With the help of an easy-to-use loom, along with fully-illustrated instructions, you can weave and bead over 30 different bracelets using 17 types of vibrant cording—no need to be a braiding expert! The Braid-tastic workstation simplifies the process of braiding and weaving by providing pre-wrapped spools of colorful cording, strand holders to help little hands, as well as a beading grid and fun templates to follow. Jewelry-making is the perfect weekend activity for kids (and adults)—plus, it helps strengthen fine motor skills and encourage creative expression. Pair with other Just My Style activity kits like tie-dye, paint your own figurines, sketchbooks and more to tap into your full creative potential! This bracelet-making kit is recommended for soon-to-be designers ages 6 and up.

Just My Style Braid-tastic Braiding and Beading Workstation

  • Master the art of bracelet-making with the Just My Style Braid-tastic Braiding & Beading Workstation
  • The Braid-tastic loom keeps each thread separate—no more frustrating tangles!—making friendship bracelets has never been easier
  • With 17 different bundles of cording—like neon rope, satin cord, and a rainbow of friendship thread—along with 1,000 vibrant beads, this bracelet kit has everything you need to make 30 different custom accessories
  • Learn the basics, then master more advanced techniques with the help of fully-illustrated templates that make bracelet-making a breeze no matter if you’re a beginner or an expert
  • Strand holders help little hands learn the movements of braiding and allows for independence—watch how excited they’ll be that they can do it themselves
  • Great for improving dexterity and allowing for freedom of expression—all while enjoying a fun, screen-free activity
  • Kit Includes: 1 Braiding Loom, 2 Bundles Neon Cording (Orange, Yellow, 1.5 yds. Each), 2 Bundles Paracord (Blue, Pink, 2 yds. Each), 2 Bundles Thin Cording (Neon Green, Neon Pink, 2 yds. Each), 1 Metal Needle, 6 Bundles Friendship Thread (Orange, Pink, Purple, Lime, Blue, Yellow, 8.75 yds. Each), 3 Bundles Satin Cording (Yellow, Teal, Pink, 2 yds. Each), 2 Bundles Thick Satin Cording (Orange, Purple, 1.5 yds. Each), 1000 Rainbow Beads, 5 Beading Design Templates, Easy-To-Follow Instructions
  • Age Range: 6+
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