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Language Builder® Stringing Beads, Home Set of 144

Language Builder® Stringing Beads, Home Set of 144

Explore the developmental benefits of our Language Builder Stringing Beads, a tailored set for educators. With 144 custom wooden beads in six vibrant colors and four shapes, this kit enhances pre-math patterning, color and shape awareness, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and creativity. Included are 40 flashcards with patterns from 1 to 12 beads, promoting recognition and patterning skills.

Designed for one-on-one therapy or home use, our beads facilitate early math development. The unique shapes demand varied grasping techniques, enhancing fine motor skills. The set includes six colorful strings for threading beads, providing additional hand-eye coordination practice.

Uniquely crafted for diverse learners, our kit is suitable for toddlers, adults learning English, and individuals with autism, language delays, or cognitive disabilities. The Language Builder Stringing Beads are housed in a durable, adaptable box, perfect for both educational and therapeutic settings.

Discover a comprehensive learning experience with fast shipping and flexible payment options. Order now to unlock the potential of Language Builder Stringing Beads in fostering critical developmental milestones for children.

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