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Loomini 12x8x1/8 Pack of 12 Unfinished Basswood Sheets Perfect for DIY Crafts

Loomini 12x8x1/8 Pack of 12 Unfinished Basswood Sheets Perfect for DIY Crafts

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This pack of 12 pieces of unfinished basswood sheets is perfect for DIY crafts for all ages. Made from layers of pure basswood compressed into durable sheets of basswood. Basswood is well-known as a type of wood that is easy to work with. It’s easy to cut and carve with a regular utility knife, scroll saw, and it is suitable for laser cutting and Knife Blade cutting on the Cricut Maker. The sheets are not very flexible but they have enough give to follow the contours of a model plane or boat. These sheets of basswood are perfect for concept design models. They’re inexpensive, lightweight, and can be cut to any shape or size without breaking into pieces or warping. Not only that, but basswood sheets are also excellent for miniature houses and scenes, mini laser cut panels, wood burning artworks, and more. Made from high-quality, even-grained basswood, each basswood sheet’s unfinished surface is smooth and does not have any splinters or any other damages that can mar the surface. The basswood’s grain is excellent for staining and painting with no need for time-consuming surface preparations.


    • Unfinished Basswood Sheets for DIY Crafts 
    • Easy to Cut and Use
    • Perfect for Architectural Models
    • Natural color basswood with smooth surface
    • Each sheet measures around 12 inches long by 8 inches wide and 1/18 inch (3mm) thick
    • Accept stain, paint and sealers very well
    • Made from high-quality, even-grained basswood


Measurement  12 inches long by 8 inches wide
Thickness   1/18 inches (3mm)

 Note: Due to variations in the raw materials used in the manufacturing process, please expect around 0.1 to 0.3mm error in thickness and around 1mm to 5mm error in both the length and width. Aside from this, we can assure you that all sheets are cut straight without warps or any deformation.

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