Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver Board for Kids - Basic Skills Educational Sensory Toy, Learning Wooden Montessori Materials for 3 4 5 Year Old Kids and Toddlers, Preschool, Classroom STEM Toy


Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver Board for Kids - Basic Skills Educational Sensory Toy, Learning Wooden Montessori Materials for 3 4 5 Year Old Kids and Toddlers, Preschool, Classroom STEM Toy

  • Wooden Busy Board - Our Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver Board is a unique basic skill educational board that allows children to learn their way into the independent solving of real-world challenges. It helps children (up 3 years old) learn the practical life skill of using a screwdriver, working with various tools, and holding the keys correctly, while training hand-eye coordination and developing their fine motor skills
  • Multiple Activity Set - Your Child can safely practice the action of removing and re-inserting the 7 different insert screws while improving their recognition ability and sensory activity. The board also features two insets, one for holding the screwdriver, and another for holding the bolts once they've been removed. The supplied screwdriver, hex key, and wrench are lightweight and have a textured handle for a sturdy grip
  • Natural and Smart Toy - Crafted from environmentally friendly, natural wood, our solid Screw Driver Board is your long-time investment. Its beautiful and sustainable wood design along with the smooth corners and edges will perfectly fit in your child’s tiny hands and ensure safe and independent use. Besides teaching through playing, our board also helps to develop fine motor skills and allows exploring the bolt shapes and learn how to correctly use them
  • Full Time Learning - Full of fun and creative challenges, our Montessori Screw Driver Board will keep your kids busy and just give them quiet time to focus on the natural learning activities. Due to its convenient size (7.7x3.3x1.4 inch) and lightweight structure, it can be easily handheld by children and fit perfectly in all environments, such as outdoor, homeschooling or kindergarten
  • Perfect Gift idea - Designed to turn the boring learning process into a creative and fun one, our Panda Brothers Montessori Screw Driver Board is the best gift for kids and toddlers. The beautifully wrapped and ready for gifting board will not only make your little one smart and happy but also get him or her a sense of satisfaction for completing real-life tasks

Product Description

Safety and Quality

The Montessori Toddler Screwdriver Board is a great toy to encourage your child's independence and learning. This board has all shapes of screws, each with its own matching screwdriver. This will not only teach them how things go together but also to use nuts and bolts toys for toddlers! The sturdy construction means that they can't get hurt when playing on this item - so you don't have to worry about safety or quality!

Skills Development

Teach your little ones useful skills like hand-eye coordination, dexterity, problem-solving, and social skills with this fun toy! These Montessori toys come complete with screws in different shapes and sizes so you can teach them how to work on real-life tasks. It also includes an instruction sheet teaching basic concepts of screwdrivers, which will serve as a great reference tool when they’re ready to start fixing things themselves.

Innovative and Educational

This innovative toy teaches kids how to fix many household items. Keep your little tinkerers busy and let them fix things. Montessori Screwdriver Board encourages their tinkering instincts. There is no need for calling Mom when the screwdriver falls off, or when a fork inevitably bends after being used ten times. You'll surely learn something new with these wooden Montessori toys for toddlers!

The right gift

The Preschool Montessori Learning Toy - Screwdriver Board is a great gift idea for any child who loves to explore, learn and play. It's full of simple-to-use sensory bin toys with a design that makes it easy for kids to use them on their own or in pairs. The board can be hung up when not in use so they're ready whenever the next project comes along. Each set includes accessories that will provide hours of educational entertainment in your home or at school.

Wooden Toy
Montessori Toy
Age: 3+ years 3+ years 3+ years 3+ years 3+ years 3+ years
Set includes: 1 x Screwdriver, 1 x Hex key, 1 x Wrench and 7 different insert bolts 1 x Tracing board, 1 x Wooden Stylus 1 x Wooden Board, 30 x Pattern Cards, 40 x Rubber Bands 20 x Large Wooden Balancing Rocks 1 x Large Tray, 1 x Small Tray, 30 x Flash Cards, 8 x Cubes 1 x Calendar board, 31 x days, 12 x months, 4 x seasons
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