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Pink Pearl® Eraser, Large, 12 Per Pack, 3 Packs

Pink Pearl® Eraser, Large, 12 Per Pack, 3 Packs

Stop struggling with eraser smudges and enjoy the clean finish of Paper Mate Pink Pearl Erasers. Thanks to a smear-resistant, latex-free design, the erasers remove mistakes so thoroughly, only you will ever know they existed. Their fresh finish makes them the perfect partner for essays, exams and the rest of your writing. Add on a classic, easy-to-maneuver design and it's no wonder that Paper Mate erasers are a dependable choice. Each pack includes 12 erasers. Sold as 3 packs for a total of 36 erasers.

Key Features :

i : 100% latex-free and smudge-resistant eraser to keep your pages fresh
ii : Clean finish is perfect for exams, essays and everyday writing, a trusted choice for standardized tests
iii : Sharp corners and flat face help you erase both details and large areas
iv : Classic design is ideal for everyone from students to serious artists
v : 12 per pack, sold as 3 packs, 36 erasers total

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