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Ultra Rare Battle Bundle | 1X Ultra Rare | 60+ Cards Including 5 Holo or Rare Cards | GG Box Compatible with Pokemon Cards

Ultra Rare Battle Bundle | 1X Ultra Rare | 60+ Cards Including 5 Holo or Rare Cards | GG Box Compatible with Pokemon Cards

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  • ⚡ PERFECT FOR EVERY PKMN PLAYER: Expand your collection, start a new deck, or get back in the game with our premium PKMN TCG 60 count PKMN card set. Each bundle is filled with variety and value. No two packs are the same!
  • ⚡ INCLUDES 1 RANDOM ULTRA RARE PKMN CARD GUARANTEED: These powerful cards pack a punch! Each lot is equipped with 60 Common & Uncommon PKMN cards! Plus, a bonus 5 Holo or Rare cards!
  • ⚡ ADD TO YOUR COLLECTION, TRADE, TRAIN & BATTLE: Are you or someone you love on the quest to collect the best PKMN cards in the world? Level-up with the addition of 60+ random power-packed PKMN cards from across various sets!
  • PERFECT GIFT FOR ANY BOY OR GIRL: Be the best special someone to your favorite PKMN trainer and watch the excitement unfold as they build their collection. This set of PKMN cards makes the perfect birthday gift for boys and girls.
  • 100% AUTHENTIC - Golden Groundhog is a seller of Trading Card Game merchandise and has more than 20 years experience in inspecting and authenticating collectibles. These cards will range in condition from near mint to lightly played condition. May include cards from every PKMN set including the original Base Set, Team Rocket, Gym Heroes, Neo, Black and White, Diamond and Pearl, Shining Legends, Hidden Fates, Sun and Moon, XY, Sword and Shield and more!!

Product Description

Tier Great Better Even Better Best Value
Ultra Rares 1 2 3 4 1
Rares or Holos 10 10 15 10 5
Total Cards 100+ 100+ 100+ 100+ 60+
New GG Box

Master the Art of PKMN Gifting

Have a PKMN lover in your life? Or do you want to introduce the game to your friends and loved ones? You can make their day when you give them this PKMN Trading Card Game set. It also makes the perfect birthday gift for any PKMN fan. Each set can be broken down and divided as PKMN themed party favors. You can even create your own gift sets!

  • Perfect Gift
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Comes with a Golden Groundhog Storage Box

Battle Your Way to Victory!

Expand Your Collection

With the addition of these PKMN Trading Card Game sets, you can build new decks or use them to trade for other cards to round out your collection. The random assortment of cards in our bundle is the perfect enhancement to your collection whether you’re a new player or elite gamer. We have a QA Team that ensures very few duplicates and that all cards are in near-mint to lightly played condition. With this, you’ll be able to crush the competition and become a PKMN Master!

  • All-Genuine Cards
  • For Beginners & Experts
  • Cards from old and latest sets
  • Very few duplicates
  • Near-mint to lightly played cards

Best Value

As one of the few officially authorized PKMN retailers on Amazon, Golden Groundhog is able to provide the most cards at the best prices.

Great Quality

With 20 years of experience, we’re the go-to source for PKMN Trading Card Games. Our QA team ensures that all cards are in near-mint to lightly played condition, with very few duplicates.

Awesome Cards

This isn’t your usual bundle of cards that are sold in a packaged set. We separate, inspect, and select every single card to make sure you’re getting the quality and rarity that you paid for.

Genuine Cards

Beware of fakes from other sellers online. With Golden Groundhog, you can rest assured that all cards are 100% authentic or you will be taken care of.

Fun for the Family

Starting in the late 90s, PKMN has swept the world with many of its original fans now having children of their own. What better way to bring the family together than a game of PKMN, where you can pass on the quest to Catch ‘Em All!

Save Time and Money

When you buy booster packs or prepackaged sets, it’s like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get. With Golden Groundhog PKMN card sets, you get exactly the quantity and type of cards you paid for.

The Perfect Gift

If you happen to have a PKMN Trainer in your life, this is the gift that’ll have them grinning from ear to ear. We include some of the rarest cards the game has to offer along with some of the more common cards necessary for any player’s deck.

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