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Whisper Phone with BioFilter

Whisper Phone with BioFilter

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Our Auditory-stimulating Whisper Phone enhances language and communication skills for individuals of all ages, making it perfect for educational settings and sensory spaces!


  • Provides Enhanced Auditory Feedback
  • Encourages Social Ability
  • Includes Inline Bacterial Viral Filter for Minimizing Germ Spread while Maintaining Airflow

This is an innovative tool for guided reading, allowing students to hear themselves clearly and teachers to monitor their reading progress. The direct-to-ear design facilitates discrete communication between teachers and students. With its team-based setup, up to 6 students can benefit from enhanced auditory feedback, assisting them in word decoding. The inline bacterial viral filter ensures safety and hygiene during shared reading activities. Its versatility enables easy reconfiguration for various reading settings, promoting effective and engaging learning experiences.

Product details:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 4 lbs
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