Balance (Vestibular Sense)

The vestibular system or the balance sense is responsible for maintaining our sense of balance, spatial orientation, and our coordination. It plays a crucial role in children’s motor development, posture and overall body control. Vestibular system detects changes in head position and movement, providing information to our brain on how we navigate through the environment, maintain stability, and participate in physical activities. However, some children may experience vestibular processing difficulties which can lead to challenges with balance, coordination and spatial awareness.


  • Repetitive spinning, twirling or rotating movements
  • Frequent hanging upside down or swinging
  • Enjoy engaging in vertical movements such as jumping, hopping or bouncing
  • Loves to move rapidly in different directions Keeps on rocking back and forth and/or side to side


  • Discomfort or aversion towards spinning, twirling or rotating activities
  • Avoiding or expressing dislike for activities that requires him/her to lift foot off the ground (gravitational insecurity)
  • Hesitation or resistance to perform jumping, hopping or bouncing activities
  • Discomfort towards rapid movements