Taste (Gustatory Sense)

The gustatory or taste sense allows us to perceive and differentiate different flavors. It is important for children as it helps them enjoy and choose food, influencing their nutrition and overall health. The taste buds on the tongue detect various tastes like sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami. Children with taste sensitivities or aversions may have difficulty exploring new food or maintaining a balanced diet.


  • Prefers strongly flavored food or condiments
  • Frequently lick, taste or bite various objects
  • Enjoys varying sensation of temperature contrasts in food (cold and hot or spicy and cool combinations)


  • Aversion or reluctance towards certain tastes or flavors
  • Avoiding or expressing dislike for food with specific textures or consistencies
  • Resists or hesitates trying new or unfamiliar food
  • Prefers plain or bland food with minimal flavor
  • Exhibits selective eating habits, avoiding a wide range of food