Top 7 Sensory Calming Toys for Your Kids to Play this 2023

Sensory development, including the use of sensory calming toys, is how the five senses grow and change over time. It also concerns how your baby or child's nervous system takes in information from these senses and responds with the right movement or behavior. It is called processing or integrating the senses.

Sensory processing is more than just organizing the information from the five basic senses. It is also about how the action feels. Your baby learns about the world around her by using her senses. Most of these abilities are almost fully formed when babies are born. But by the end of a child's second year, some small changes have taken place.

What Toys Are Good for Sensory Development?

Even though babies don't look like they do much, it's never too early to love playing. Playing with your child can help them reach important stages and strengthen your relationship. Since newborns can't move around much, the best sensory toys help them improve their hearing and sight. 

Look for singing toys, including sensory calming toys, that play soft, soothing tunes, and choose black-and-white objects with a lot of contrast, like a crib mobile. As your baby grows, you can buy them tactile things like soft blocks with different textures, rattles, and books that make noise. By the time a baby is 12 months old, they are ready for easy games, puzzles, and toys that can be stacked.

Textured Balls

The best calming sensory toys are bright, can be touched, and are fun to play with. This set of balls comes in various shapes, sizes, textures, and colors to help stimulate sight and touch. They are also made of soft, squishy rubber, so babies who are chewing can chew on them safely.

Chew Toys

Parents often give their babies chew toys, especially when growing, but chew toys can also help children with autism. Chew toys are made of plastic, which is safe for kids. They can be held in your hand or worn as jewelry around your neck or wrist. They can be smooth or have dots, ridges, or designs. They can also be smooth. Eat toys are meant to help dogs learn how to bite and eat and stimulate their senses.

Putty, Sand, or Slime

Your child might also benefit from sand, slime, or putty as one of the best sensory games. Your child can play with these while also building small motor skills. The kids can play with the material on its own or with other things. Also, the substances are usually highly colored, which appeals to their sense of sight.

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners have been popular for a few years, so you've probably seen them. These toys help kids pay attention by giving them something to do with their hands. Not only great for kids with autism but also for kids with ADD or ADHD. Spinners are fun for many kids because they move quickly and smoothly, and there are so many different kinds that you're sure to find one your child likes.

Sensory Mats

A set of sensory mats is a great sensory toy for kids with autism. These are small mats with a different design on each one. Then, the kids can play with the different patterns with their hands or feet. You can even have your child close their eyes and walk over the different mats while you ask them to describe their feelings.

LED Lights

The Touch Sensory Lights provide a place for children to develop their senses that is both stimulating and engaging. Children with autism can learn better with the help of the visual cues and the adjustable lights with the NEW Dimmable Function. It makes a calm and safe place for kids to learn or relax, which makes it a useful tool for their cognitive development.

Inflatable Sensory Peapod Chair

The inflatable Peapod Chair gives kids a place to play and relax, which helps them deal with stress and worry. It is good for people on the autism spectrum or with sensory processing problems because it stimulates the senses. Its soft, hug-like shape helps calm children who are nervous and helps with sensory treatment while they learn and read. 

What is the Purpose of Sensory Toys?

Sensory calming toys help kids on the autism spectrum or with special needs get one or more of the necessary sensory cues. They can keep a child's mind and body busy by exciting the taste, smell, touch, sound, sight, movement, and balance senses.

Some kids need some toys that are fun for all the senses, make noise or have colors that are very different from each other. Children can be interested in the toys and be used as prizes in behavior analysis programs. Sensory games are good fidget toys for people with ADHD that help them concentrate and pay attention. They also help people pay attention and listen to those who need to keep their hands busy.

These calming sensory toys for autism are made to help kids experience sensory input in a safe and controlled way. It lets them see and feel the world in new ways. These toys appeal to different senses and help children learn how to take in new knowledge through their senses gently, making them feel safe and calm.

What Toys Calm Toddlers Down?

Finding the right sensory calming toys to help kids calm down is the key to stopping tantrums and meltdowns and preventing them from happening in the first place. Toddlers can calm down with the help of toys like the "sensory tube." It also lets kids explore and improve their sense of smell, encouraging them to learn more about science.

Toddlers can calm down with the help of sensory toys like colored sand. You can also use regular play sand, but we like colored sand better because it helps kids get creative with beautiful art projects and explore their sense of touch. It also lets kids build more complicated things than they could with wet beach sand.


Play is important for kids of all ages because it helps them learn and grow. Choosing sensory calming toys can help kids in many ways, including their brain development, problem-solving and small motor skills, language, creativity, body awareness, and more. There's one for every age group, which can make it easier to shop for toys.

Simple is best when it comes to sensory toys for kids. At Loomini Learning, we have toys that are made to calm a child's feelings and help them calm down when stressed. They help your child feel better when they have trouble with their senses.


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