Sight (Visual Sense)

The visual sense is essential for children as it allows them to see and understand the world around them. It helps them recognize faces, objects, colors, and how things are arranged in space. The visual system is crucial for learning, communication, and overall development. Children with visual impairments or difficulties may need extra support to process visual information, which can affect their learning, mobility, and social interactions. Early detection, appropriate visual aids, and educational support can help these children reach their visual potential and fully engage with their environment, promoting their overall independence and growth.


  • Stares at bright lights, moving objects
  • Frequently shakes and moves head when performing tasks
  • Holds objects close to their eyes for inspection
  • Seeks visual stimulations such as spinning, patterns, and the like


  • Covers eyes or screens out sights and/or while in a crowd
  • Frequently rubs eyes
  • Avoid bright lights and sunlight
  • Scared of moving objects
  • Seems clumsy due to unawareness of objects in a path