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Cat Activity Wall Panel

Cat Activity Wall Panel

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Our visually-stimulating Cat Activity Wall Panel is a sensory delight for toddlers, perfect for sensory rooms and early childhood spaces!


  • Helps Develop Motor Skills
  • Learns Early Math Through Number Matching Maze
  • Encourages Interactive Play
  • Fosters Descriptive Language Skills

The Cat Activity Wall Panel is a versatile sensory tool that fosters motor skills, hand-eye coordination, descriptive language, and early math through the number matching maze. With easy assembly and wall-mounting, it creates a clutter-free play area and serves as interactive wall decor. Suitable for ages 18 months and up, this adorable cat panel turns any space into a fun playland for children to learn and explore. Ideal for daycare centers, waiting rooms, classrooms, and homes, providing engaging play while waiting for the doctor.

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