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180 Days of Printing: Beginning

180 Days of Printing: Beginning

Build students’ printing skills with fun, daily practice activities! This research-based book offers quick and effective writing activities for prekindergarten and kindergarten students. Developed to motivate and excite students, these learning activities focus on writing letters, numbers, and sentences to boost students’ confidence when writing. Great for homeschool or learning in classrooms, this workbook is the perfect tool to reinforce learning, prevent learning loss, and develop basic handwriting skills.

Key Features :

i : Includes 180 easy-to-use daily practice pages.
ii : Provides simple instructions and exciting practice that makes handwriting fun.
iii : Introduces basic forms and techniques for printing letters and numbers.
iv : Allows teachers or parents to assess progress and identify areas for growth.
v : Improves students’ confidence and dexterity.

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  • Enhances Flexibility
  • Corrects Posture
  • Promotes Relaxation and Focus

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