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180 Days of Writing for Second Grade (Spanish)

180 Days of Writing for Second Grade (Spanish)

180 Days of Writing (Spanish) is an easy-to-use workbook that will teach Spanish-speaking second grade students to become efficient writers. Each two-week unit covers one writing standard centered around high-interest themes. Through daily practice that is easy to implement at home or in school, students will strengthen their Spanish language and grammar skills while practicing the various steps of the writing process. Useful tools are provided to help teachers reach English learners, differentiate instruction, and conduct formative assessments. These standards-based activities correlate to state standards and lay the foundation for College and Career Readiness.

Key Features :

i : Help Spanish-speaking second graders improve their writing skills with fun and effective daily practice activities.
ii : Excites students while guiding them through the five steps of the writing process: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing.
iii : This easy-to-use workbook is great for daily morning review, homework, at-home learning, homeschooling, intervention skill building to address learning gaps, or prevent learning loss over summer.
iv : Parents appreciate the teacher-approved activity books that keep their child engaged and learning.
v : Teachers rely on the daily practice workbooks to save them valuable time.

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