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Alphabet Stamps - Lowercase - Small - 34 Per Set - 2 Sets

Alphabet Stamps - Lowercase - Small - 34 Per Set - 2 Sets

Each set includes 34 pieces: 26 plastic stamps with rubber imprints of lowercase letters a-z and 8 punctuation marks: question mark, dash, parenthesis, ampersand, quotation marks, comma, period and exclamation mark. This set is a hands-on, visual tool to practice reading, writing and spelling. Children can also use these stamps to customize cards, posters, notebooks and more! Stamping activities develop children's fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and creative expression. Each stamp has a curved handle for easy fingertip grip. The stamps are packaged in a labelled, sectioned case for easy clean-up and storage. For ages 3+. Size of letter stamps: 1"L x 1"W x 1"H. Sold as 2 sets for a total of 68 stamps.

Key Features :

i : ALPHABET AND PUNCTUATION STAMPS -- Sold as 2 sets, each set includes 26 lowercase plastic stamps with rubber imprints of letters a-z plus 8 punctuation stamps ?, -, (, &, ", ., , and !.
ii : MAKE LEARNING ARTSY -- Kids love to stamp their workbooks and worksheets to make letter learning more visually appealing! Use these alphabet stamps to decorate posters, cards, notebooks and more.
iii : EASY TO HOLD -- Our small Alphabet Stamps measure 1"L x 1"W and have curved handles for easy fingertip grip.
iv : INCLUDES STORAGE CASE -- These lower case alphabet stampers are packaged in a labeled, sectioned plastic case for easy storage.
v : EFFORTLESS CLEAN-UP -- The washable rubber stamps can be cleaned with warm soap and water.
vi : FOSTER EARLY DEVELOPMENT -- Stamping activities develop fine-motor skills, dexterity and hand-eye coordination. Nourish their growth – and their creativity!

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