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Ant Hill™ Ant Habitat

Ant Hill™ Ant Habitat

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This is the most realistic Ant Habitat ever! The fascinating Inside/Outside cutaway design allows you to watch ants dig, excavate, forage, and problem solve. Includes escape-proof locking lid, "easy dig" sand, sand rod, and voucher to redeem for 50 live Harvester Ants. New habitat details like a 3D horned lizard design and ant-themed magnifying glass for up-close viewing excite little learners. We cannot ship to Oregon. (Shipping fee required). Ages 6+

Key Features :

i : 3D Double-sided viewing habitat with safe and escape-proof, locking lid
ii : Ant-themed magnifying glass for up-close viewing
iii : STEM Ant Activity Journal full of science-based learning activities
iv : Voucher to redeem at your convenience for 50 Harvester Ants, that's twice as many ants as the competition (shipping fee required, cannot ship to Oregon)
v : Easy access for feeding the ants
vi : Special "easy dig" sand

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