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Around-the-Home/Palabras (EN/SP) Skill Drill Flash Cards, 3 Packs

Around-the-Home/Palabras (EN/SP) Skill Drill Flash Cards, 3 Packs

Capture attention and reinforce skills with easy-to-use flash cards featuring common words and photos in English and Spanish. Great for ESL. New art and photography makes these cards especially appealing for students as they master the basics. Sold as 3 identical packs of flash cards.

Key Features :

i : Learn about 94 common objects around the home with these colorful photo flash cards.
ii : Photo of object and its English word on fronts; English and Spanish on backs. 2 activity cards.
iii : Sturdy tag board cards and reinforced cardboard storage box.
iv : 3" x 6" no-see-through cards with quick-sorting, rounded corners.
v : 96 cards per pack, sold as 3 packs

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