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Build-a-Pirate Ship

Build-a-Pirate Ship

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Our Visually-Stimulating Build-a-Pirate Ship for Calming Sensory Benefits, perfect for Early Childhood individuals and Sensory Rooms!


  • Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills
  • Encourages Creative and Imaginative Play
  • Fosters Friendly Pride and Ownership

Building and customizing their own pirate ship offers children a fantastic way to enhance sensory development. Through assembling the wooden ship and painting, they engage in tactile exploration, promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The process encourages creativity, providing endless opportunities for imaginative play. The completed ship becomes a source of pride for children, who can proudly display it as a decorative item in their room, further fostering a sense of accomplishment.

Product details:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 2 lbs
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