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CCVC Builders

CCVC Builders

Set of 26 CCVC cards with picture and color guides for building CCVC (consonant consonant vowel consonant) words with CVC or Phonics Tri-Blocks Tub. Children follow the progression as they learn to sound out and build words. Can self-check answers on the back of each cards.

Key Features :

i : Consonant consonant vowel consonant (CCVC) word building activity cards can be used for sounding out or identifying sounds in words containing blends.
ii : An image and phoneme color coding is presented on one side, along with the whole word presented on the back.
iii : Works with the CVC Tub of Tri blocks (sold separately), which let kids build words and place them on top of the card.
iv : 3 types of words are provided, CCVC, CVCC and CCVCC, and these are color coded around the borders.
v : A complete set of CCVC activities.

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