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Clear Cover™ Adhesive Covering, Clear, 18" x 50 ft, Glossy

Clear Cover™ Adhesive Covering, Clear, 18" x 50 ft, Glossy

Con-Tact Brand self-adhesive clear covering is easy to apply with our original and innovative measure-and-cut grid on the backing paper. And when it's time for a new look, our Con-Tact Brand self-adhesives remove cleanly, leaving behind no messy residue. Con-Tact Brand's self-adhesive clear covering has a clear glossy finish and is designed for semi-transparent protection making it great for adding to windows and glass doors for semi-privacy. Clear covering is perfect for tables, counters and work stations that you want to protect from every day heavy use. Your beautiful counter finish can shine through the clear covering while your surface stays protected. Each roll measures 18" x 50'.

Key Features :

DESIGNED FOR YOU: Our Self Adhesive Clear Covering Liners are perfect for various uses – surface protection, window privacy, shelf safeguarding, document preservation, book covering, and more. BPA-free and proudly Made in the USA.

EASY TO USE: Applying is a breeze with our Con-tact Brand peel & stick method. Just peel the backing, stick onto any clean flat surface, and reposition if needed. No messy residue upon removal. The grid-lined backing facilitates easy cutting for customized sizes.

DURABLE & WATERPROOF: Our high-quality liners offer long-term protection. Waterproof and versatile, they're suitable for home, office, or garage use. Cleaning is a snap – a damp sponge easily wipes away marks or spills.

APPLICATION TIPS: Prep the surface by cleaning with soap and water, then peel and stick evenly. For large areas, peel small sections at a time for easier installation. Simplify your projects with our user-friendly Clear Covering Liners!

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