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Coding Critters Scamper & Sneaker

Coding Critters Scamper & Sneaker

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Our Visually-Stimulating Coding Critters Scamper & Sneaker for Educational Play perfect for Early Childhood individuals and Sensory Corners!


  • Offers Hands-On Tactile Experience
  • Enhances Motors Skill
  • Improves Auditory Processing

Introduce preschoolers to STEM concepts with Coding Critters – playful robot kittens that foster sensory development. Engage in 100% screen-free coding adventures, enhancing auditory processing and fine motor skills. Code Scamper and Sneaker for hide and seek or interactive play, nurturing cognitive growth. The 22-piece pet playset encourages tactile-exploratory learning while stimulating creativity through designing code games. These interactive pets offer sensory engagement, promoting imaginative play and early STEM exploration.

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