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Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Early Reading Game

Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood Early Reading Game

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Embark on a reading adventure with this board game designed for early readers. Children discover letter names and sounds, building simple words on the path to reading success. Collect gifts along the way! Our game includes 50 Tokens, 50 Word Ending Cards, Game Board, 4 Character Pieces and Stands, Spinner, and Instructions with Word List.

Inspired by Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, an animated series for preschoolers aged 2 to 4, this game features Daniel and friends, creating an engaging and educational experience. The series, rooted in Fred Rogers' social-emotional curriculum, uses music and creativity to teach essential social skills.

About Briarpatch: Offering fun and educational games since 1992, Briarpatch, now part of University Games, strives to provide inspiring and FUN content for preschoolers. With awards and recognition worldwide, Briarpatch's games help children learn social, counting, memory, and literacy skills.

Shop now for this educational gem with [Fast Shipping] options and [Multiple Payment Options]. Elevate your child's learning with Briarpatch's early reading board game. Perfect for 2 to 4 players. Start the reading journey today!

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