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Make-a-Marble Maze

Make-a-Marble Maze

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Our visually-stimulating Design & Drill Make-a-Marble Maze engages and activates young minds with sensory delight! Perfect for early childhood individuals, this educational toy transforms any sensory corner into a captivating adventure!


  • Engages Visual and Tactile Senses
  • Develops Fine Motor Skill
  • Enhances Critical Thinking
  • Fosters Creativity

Unleash STEM skills with the hands-on Design & Drill Marble Maze! Kids use a kid-friendly power drill and colorful bolts to create intricate mazes, boosting fine motor skills. They explore science, engineering, and creativity through 10 challenges. The maze-making process engages visual, tactile, and auditory senses while fostering critical thinking. A complete set includes track pieces, power drill, bolts, ball, and challenge cards, promoting sensory-rich learning and fun.

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