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Magnet Kit (25th Anniversary Edition)

Magnet Kit (25th Anniversary Edition)

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Our Tactile-Exploratory Magic Penny Magnet Kit: 25th Anniversary Edition captivates minds and senses, perfect for Early Childhood (Preschool) individuals and sensory corners!


  • Encourages Prolonged Play Sensory
  • Fosters Imaginative Development
  • Supports Cognitive Development

Unleash the magic of magnets with the Dowling Magnets Magic Penny Magnet Kit. This awe-inspiring sensory tool engages curious minds aged 8-99. The kit's magnetism-based activities promote tactile-exploratory development while fostering creative and cognitive growth. With hands-on experiences in STEM and STEAM principles, kids engage in educational fun that builds self-confidence, supports science and math skills, and encourages curiosity through unplugged play. Perfect for a range of ages, it provides hours of screen-free entertainment, making learning a captivating and sensory-rich experience.

Product details:

  • Material: Magnets, Coins
  • Item Weight: 1.5 lbs
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