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Kaboom Blocks - Fast-Paced Matching and Building Game - Ages 7+

Kaboom Blocks - Fast-Paced Matching and Building Game - Ages 7+

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Race to roll the colored dice and place them on the pattern card. Complete the pattern before the spring-loaded board pops! For ages 7+. With room for 1-4 players, this fast-paced game is perfect for game nights! This party game features multiple game modes. Adapt the gameplay and difficulty to different ages and group sizes.

Key Features :

i : PLACE THE BLOCKS BEFORE IT POPS -- Match and build patterns with this fast-paced family game. Kids will love testing their hand-eye coordination and reaction time.
ii : HOW TO PLAY -- Start the timer and roll blocks to match colors on the pattern card. Once you get the right color, place your block on the game board. If the tray pops on your turn, you lose that round!
iii : 2 GAME MODES -- Play competitively or cooperatively. To play cooperatively, start the timer and have everyone roll blocks simultaneously to match the pattern and beat the timer.
iv : ROOM FOR 1-4 PLAYERS -- With room for 1-4 players, this board game is perfect for game night or solo play!
v : SIMPLE AND ADDICTIVE! -- Just place the pattern card, start the timer and roll the blocks. With such a simple setup, you'll have plenty of time for just one more game!
vi : TICK, TICK, TICK, BOOM! -- Children will love the excitement and anticipation of Kaboom Blocks! This novel game is a refreshing twist on the classic popping-pieces game.

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