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Magicubes Shapes (32 Pieces)

Magicubes Shapes (32 Pieces)

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Our Tactile-Exploratory Magicubes Shapes, 32 Pieces for Calming Sensory Benefits perfect for Early Childhood individuals and Sensory Rooms!


  • Explores Connection Through Touch
  • Enhances Fine Motor Skills
  • Encourages Imaginative Play
  • Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Magicube Magnetic Building Blocks provide toddlers with an engaging, sensory-rich experience. Crafted from 100% recycled plastic, these blocks offer tactile exploration, visual stimulation, and fine motor skill development. As children create diverse shapes and structures, they enhance their creativity, motor skills, and imaginative play. The authenticated Magicubes foster curiosity and introduce early STEM concepts while ensuring safe, educational play. With easy attachment on all sides, these magnetic blocks promote cognitive growth and sensory development in ages 1 to 5.

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