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Peek-a-Bird Learning Buddies

Peek-a-Bird Learning Buddies

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Our Visually-Stimulating Peek-a-Bird Learning Buddies for Calming Sensory Benefits perfect for Infant and Toddlers individuals and sensory spaces like Sensory Rooms!


  • Fosters Social-Emotional Learning
  • Enhances Color Recognition
  • Encourage Learning Adventures

Experience dynamic learning with Peek-a-Bird Learning Buddies! These vibrant birdies foster counting, color recognition, social-emotional skills, and fine motor development through interactive play. Adaptable to different ages, it nurtures growth from imaginative play to math and color learning. Its expressive finger puppets aid feelings identification. These sensory-rich activities engage kids from 18 months and beyond, offering the gift of learning through stimulating play.

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 2 lbs
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