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Phonics Bean Bags

Phonics Bean Bags

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Hands-on preschoolers "catch" onto letter names and sounds with this sturdy set of 34 bean bags, each double-sided with letters A-Z and a picture representing the letter sound including long and short vowel sounds, plus pictures on both sides of c and g bags to represent their hard and soft sounds. Perfect for tossing, catching, and talking about, this totally tactile, sensory stimulating set includes a drawstring carry bag and parent and teacher guide packed with phonics activities.

Key Features :

i : Spark More Confidence! Boost confidence with core learning toys that build the skills kids need for school success
ii : Toss & learn letter sounds! Early phonics are way more fun with the hands-on, toss and catch action of Phonics Bean Bags
iii : Designed for little learners - our classic Phonics Bean Bags get a modern make over with adorable, printed images. Bean bags are washable and lightweight and kid-sized (2.75" x 2.75"), perfect for preschool play
iv : Set includes 26 sturdy bean bags, each printed with a picture representing a letter sound, drawstring carry bag, and parent/teacher guide packed with phonics activities
v : Build motor skills - picking, tossing, and catching the bean bags builds gross and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more

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