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Rainbow Wooden Adventure Vehicles (Set of 3)

Rainbow Wooden Adventure Vehicles (Set of 3)

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Our Visually-Stimulating Wooden Adventure Vehicles perfect for Infant and Toddlers, Early Childhood and Middle Childhood individuals and spaces such as Sensory Room and Sensory Corner!


  • Promotes Learning About Eco-Friendly Transportation
  • Encourages Storytelling
  • Improves Creativity and Imagination
  • Develops Hand-Eye Coordination

This set of 3 solid beechwood vehicles, featuring rotating wheels and indented markings, ignites children's creativity and imagination as they create transportation narratives. The camper attaching to the car adds a tactile dimension. Furthermore, grasping and rolling the chunky cars aid in developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Made from eco-friendly beechwood with non-toxic paint, it ensures safe sensory play. Suitable for ages 10 months and up.

Product details:

  • Material: Wood
  • Item Dimensions (LxW): 4.3 x 1.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 0.66 lb
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