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Resin Flower Coasters

Resin Flower Coasters

Embrace the cottagecore crafting trend with our Flower Resin Coaster Kit from Art 101® Crafts! Inside this all-inclusive project kit you will find all the supplies you need to craft six beautiful pressed flower coasters, including a circular and rectangular silicone mold, 6 fl oz epoxy resin, 6 fl oz resin hardener, 22 various pressed flowers and greenery, 5 stirring sticks, 5 toothpicks, 2 measuring cups, 1 pair of gloves, and 1 project guide. The included guide covers all necessary safety and prep information to get your workspace ready to go. Once ready, put on your included gloves, and mix 2 ounces of each part of your resin to pour two coasters at a time. We recommend storing the rest of your resin separately in their bottles until you are ready to mix and use. Pour a thin layer of resin into each coaster, choose your pressed flowers and arrange them into your coaster molds, and then pour the remaining resin over the flowers to preserve them inside. Let each project cure for 24 hours before moving to your next set of coasters. Once your project is complete, display on your coffee table, bedside, or desk and admire your work!

Key Features :

i : Combines the trends of resin pouring with cottagecore crafting
ii : All inclusive kit, including clear, easy instructions to guide you through the project from start to finish
iii : Includes enough resin to make six total coasters
iv : Choose from a circular or rectangular silicone mold for your coaster shapes
v : Includes 22 various pressed flowers and greenery to customize the composition of your project
vi : Protective gloves included for project safety

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