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Resonator Bells Set: Diatonic Bell Set for Multi-Cultural Music | For Ages 3 to 10

Resonator Bells Set: Diatonic Bell Set for Multi-Cultural Music | For Ages 3 to 10

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Introducing our visually-stimulating Resonator Bells, offering a delightful sensory experience suitable for individuals of all ages and sensory spaces. These bells provide a tactile-exploratory experience, promote cultural awareness, encourage creative and imaginative play, and help develop fine motor skills.


  • Material: Assorted
  • Item Weight: 2.4 lbs

Key Features:

  • Provides Tactile-Exploratory Experience: The diatonic bell set with a transparent case allows for tactile exploration and auditory experiences.
  • Promotes Cultural Awareness: Introduces multi-cultural sounds and music, enhancing sensory development.
  • Encourages Creative and Imaginative Play: Children can explore music individually or in group settings, fostering creativity and imagination.
  • Helps Develop Fine Motor Skills: Includes mallets for children to use, promoting fine motor skill development.


  1. What age group is this set suitable for?
    • This set is suitable for individuals of all ages.
  2. What range do the bells cover?
    • The bells cover a range from middle c''' to c'''.
  3. How can children play with the bells?
    • Children can individually remove the bells and explore music using the included mallets.
  4. Is it safe for children to use?
    • Yes, this set is designed with safety in mind for enjoyable and educational play.

Genre: Musical Instrument Toy


  • Sensory exploration
  • Cultural awareness
  • Creative play
  • Fine motor skills development
  • Music education

Conclusion: The Resonator Bells offer a vibrant and engaging way for individuals of all ages to explore music and enhance sensory development. With their tactile-exploratory experience, promotion of cultural awareness, encouragement of creative play, and support for fine motor skills development, these bells provide enriching sensory experiences for all.

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