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Second Grade Essentials for Social Studies Reproducible Book

Second Grade Essentials for Social Studies Reproducible Book

Have you ever wished you had everything you needed to teach social studies in one easy-to-use resource? Now you have it in Second Grade Essentials for Social Studies. Even in Second Grade, students are expected to learn a lot! This book will help you meet essential state standards with age-appropriate activities in a fun, attractive, and interesting style! In addition to almost 100 reproducible activity pages, this book offers even more hands-on learning opportunities with templates, graphic organizers, writing prompts, project-based learning ideas, and vocabulary cards with definitions and more. The writing prompts and vocabulary cards are designed so you can cut them out individually. You can mix and match these "extras" to topics you are studying, to activity pages in the book, or use them on their own. Fun attractive pages present content concisely and clearly - making it easy-to-read and easy-to-understand! There are reinforcing activities included on each activity page. The goal with this book is to make your life easier as you introduce your students to the social studies topics and skills they absolutely need to know. The Second Grade Essentials for Social Studies covers continents and oceans, cardinal and intermediate directions, hemispheres, productive resources, American Indians, impact of geography, contributions of important Americans, holidays and symbols, culture, money and barter, consumers and producers, scarcity, citizens' responsibilities, primary and secondary sources, geographic tools, timelines and more! Everything you need in one great resource!

Key Features :

i : Helps teachers meet essential state standards
ii : Age-appropriate activities
iii : Fun, attractive and interesting style
iv : Writing prompts, vocabulary cards, primary sources and more

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