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Sound Exploration Music Kit (19 Pieces)

Sound Exploration Music Kit (19 Pieces)

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Our Auditory-Stimulating Sound Exploration Music Kit unlocks the world of music and sensory benefits for all ages!


  • Improves Imaginative and Creative Play
  • Helps Develop Sensitivity to Music
  • Provides Tactile-Exploratory Experience

The Sound Exploration kit offers a fun and educational experience with 19 rhythm instruments. Ideal for classrooms or homes, the included instructional DVD enhances learning enjoyment. This kit fosters sensitivity to music, rhythm perception, and boosts creativity while helping children distinguish between musical instruments. Suitable for ages 3+, it's a fantastic way to develop sensory skills and appreciation for music.

Product details:

  • Material: Wood, Steel, Plastic, Nylon
  • Triangles Size: 6 inches
  • Rhythm Sticks Size: 8 inches
  • Tambourines Size: 8 inches
  • Item Weight: 6 lbs
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