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The Megabook of Fluency

The Megabook of Fluency

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Fluency expert Timothy V. Rasinski teams up with Melissa Cheesman Smith, a veteran fifth grade teacher, to help teachers effectively weave fluency work into their daily reading instruction. The book is packed with engaging text and tools, an assessment scale, and high quality ready-to-use lessons including text phrasing and tonality, echo reading, word ladders, and more! Given the importance of fluency— and its pivotal relationship to comprehension and word recognition—the potential is high for improving students' overall reading achievement, and their performance in other content areas.

Key Features :

i : This book will provide an understanding of the building blocks of fluency and its top ten benefits
ii : This book will help to assess your students' developing fluency easily and effectively
iii : Will demonstrate why an emphasis on timed-reading is inappropriate and limiting for students as readers
iv : Support your students' reading at home with fluency fun for the entire family

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