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The Rocket 10 - Math Manipulative

The Rocket 10 - Math Manipulative

Our visually-stimulating Rocket 10 Math Manipulative is an activating educational toy perfect for early childhood individuals in sensory spaces!


  • Makes Learning Math Concepts Exciting and Captivating
  • Enhances Fine Motor Skills
  • Boosts Productivity
  • Encourages Interactive Learning

The Rocket 10 is an entertaining and powerful manipulative math toy that promotes sensory development in children aged 3 to 7. Through engaging manipulations and gameplay, it teaches basic mathematical concepts, number-quantity associations, addition, subtraction, even and odd numbers, and enhances counting speed. Perfect for STEM learning and can be played with multiple players.

Product details:

  • Material: Plastic
  • Item Weight: 3.08 lbs

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  • Enhances Flexibility
  • Corrects Posture
  • Promotes Relaxation and Focus

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