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Think Positively ARGUS® Posters Combo Pack, Pack of 6

Think Positively ARGUS® Posters Combo Pack, Pack of 6

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Lively visuals and popular themes energize learning, spark discussions, build character, and encourage new ways of looking at life. The results are motivated, successful individuals who reflect the positive attitudes and behaviors portrayed in these creative themes. Includes Be Accepting, Surround yourself with who you want to be, Kind words are the music of the world, The journey is the prize, Wherever you go you always leave a footprint, and No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. Versatile and durable. Value-packed savings! 6 posters, 13.375" x 19". Use TREND Poster Storage Boxes.

Key Features :

i : Create inspiring environments; encourage learning and positive character traits with ARGUS Posters
ii : Bold artwork, clearly-readable text, and thoughtful messages ensure your point gets across.
iii : Useful in classrooms, offices, dorms, and home.
iv : Quality printing on durable cardstock for years of use. Each poster 13.375" x 19".
v : Store in TREND File 'n Save System® Poster Storage Boxes; sized to fit and protect.

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